Unity in Diversity
Product design, Decorative arts
Mahwish Ehsan
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ghumuz – Al – Ashra - Mystery of the Ten.
Medium: Terracotta – Ceramics. Dimension: 48cms* 29cms* 24 cms Description: A 10 pointed star innovated geometrically on a form inspired by a platonic form octahedron, for lights to cast shadows of 10 pointed star in a very impressive manner.
Title: Nafs –Ur – Rehman - Breath of a Compassionate
Medium: Terracotta – Ceramics. Dimension: 32.5cms* 32.5cms* 36.5 cms Description: A very classical Islamic geometrical pattern carved 8 – pointed star “Jafri”, designed on a form inspired by a tetrahedron (a platonic form). Jafri : Window Carving.
Title: Nujum – Ul – Mukhammas - Star of the Fifth
Medium: Terracotta – Ceramics. Dimension: Approx - 22cms* 22cms* 22 cms Description: Recreation of a Dodecahedron in ceramics having each pentagon designed in a 5 pointed geometric orientation, carved “Jafri” to show the multiplicity of sacred forms to infinity.
Title: Habal – Ul – Sitta - Rope of the Sixth
Medium: Terracotta – Ceramics. Dimension: 29cms* 24cms* 48 cms Description: Ropes are overlapping each other repeatedly and creating hexagons on a consecutive square grid casting a proportionate balanced series of hexagonal shadows all over the surrounding.
Title: Hudud – Ul- Itnashra – Limits of the Twelve
Medium: Terracotta – Ceramics. Dimension: Approx - 28cms* 28cms* 28 cms Description: Gilded interlaced borders on 12 pentagons creating a Dodecahedron. No other design elements involved in order to understand the 60 degrees dynamics of the entire form
Title: Hadiqa – Tul – Hayat – Garden of Life
Medium: Terracotta – Ceramics. Dimension: 28cms* 23cms* 28 cms Description: Creating a design orientation by bisecting first pattern into a half, and further replicating it over a tetrahedron.
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