Sun Printer by Mobile
Graphic design, Product design, Calligraphy
Khaled Elnems
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
An eco-friendly printer. Designed like an art piece, the printer consumes clean energy from the Sun, through a magnifying glass, focusing its energy onto soft wood to draw letters or any other form with a circular stencil moved by a motor, which also uses energy via a solar panel. "This was inspired by the desire to use a basic principle of nature in creating an art piece” Description Influenced by the desire to use a basic principle of nature to create permanent works of art, The Sun Printer by Mobile is a straightforward tool which draws with the sun. by a magnifying glass, it focuses the sun’s energy onto soft wood to drawing a letters or different Forms through Drawing Circular Stencils moving by motor also taken energy from Sun (by solar panel) The Advantages: • To make (The Sun Printer by Mobile) easy to use. By following order from a Mobil the process will be even faster and easier, and starts working almost instantly. Stylized product that is fun for all ages and skill levels. By using the included Drawing Circular Stencils, • Printer by free resources only the (Sun) for Type and Energy • Just put this device under the Sun and contacted with your Mobile with Chosen the letters or another different Forms send it and wait a minutes after that you can received your soft wood Art by sun engraver onto it (your letters Name or favorite different Forms) Technology: We developing this project to improvement and integrate a basic principle of nature like (Sun) free energy and technologies. Without direct human intervention which uses the Sustainability integrate with technology tools and communication technologies that allow of more control, increase protectively, accurate result and quality of life, being environmentally friendly (Green Tec. Sustainability Art ).
Bangkok Post News wrote: An eco-friendly printer. Designed like an art piece : http://www.bangkokpost.com/tech/local-news/1194873/all-the-new-toys
Designer: KhaledElnems Posted: Jun 2015
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