Coca-Cola Rock Bottle
Graphic design, Product design
Khaled Elnems
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Nearby 40 years The Coca-Cola (Stable, perseverance, top and strength) like a Rock About that We was inspired our design of the new metal bottle branded to Coca-Cola with terrain modes (Rock shape)and it is handy, easy to carry and with an easy-to-drink system, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, available in the four versions of the brand (Regular, Light, Zero and Life)Along with Easy Cap it is (Cover of bottle & Cap also) with Strong terrain modes (Rock shape) decorative graphics A fashions design in this seasons inspired from (Rock shape) with terrain modes to Proof of strength and hardness
Designer: KhaledElnems Posted: 29 Jun 17 (12:23PM) Contest: Coca-Cola Bottle Design Award (https://desall.com/) Phase: Product Design
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