Comic Project
Graphic design
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Nixie and the Mill-pond, part of Grimm Brothers' fairy tales collection. The project i did was part of visual narrative course in which students were allowed to choose one of 10 Grimm Brothers stories provided by the professor. The fun part of the project was that we were allowed to manipulate with the original story and turn it into whatever suit us. evil to good. gender roles. Environment and atmosphere's feel. The only problem though is that we are only allowed to choose one part in the story and draw minimum 4 pages and maximum 8 pages ... in my case 12 pages cuz i worked fast .. i hope i could find sometime in future to finish the whole story. When i started with this project, i started to look for inspiration, someone likely meets my style, so i though of Ben Templesmith the comic artist. He was known by his comic series called Wormwood Gentleman Corpse, mix of darkness and extreme humor. But of course, i focused on the style only. Traditional sketches with most of the work done on photoshop.
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Some process of my work
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