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Graphic design
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
TO BE UPDATED ... The first drawing is where i started to consider to create a concept that revolves around muslim women. It's all about acceptance, understanding and defining the the beauty and choice of freedom. we muslim women are often compared other muslim regions that has strict traditions that are not necessarily part of true islam. As a young woman in Dubai, I am thankful, or rather all the women thankful, that we are not bond to that kind of ignorant strict traditions. we have improved a lot since the past 44 years and things only gets brighter for ambitious ladies. However though, we should not stop here and celebrate the accomplishments and ignore the strict muslim countries. Instead of *tsking* on them, we should consider them and try as much as possible to educate this kind of regions. especially women... the freedom of expressing and give them trust. trust is the most powerful and the greatest gift for the society to grant for women, otherwise, they will tend to break the silly tradition rules and rebel against islam. how often we misunderstood the concept of freedom ... all depends on how you grant and treat one another. Trust women, pour them with love and good treatment, show them that they are not bond to any chains and believe me, the society will rise high up. Mistreat the women, take away their freedom and the society will descends to nothing but hell. In islam, a single woman is as important as half the society ... so how much do you think the whole women on earth worth? almost more than 100% ... There other issues such as acceptance's misconception, judgment, childrens view's reckoning on the parents' discipline.. etc .. I am trying to create a graphite drawing that relate to all this issues and fit in one.. I will be updating this project casually as i go on.. Hope you like the idea ..
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