Perth, Australia
Paper cutting artist
Paper cutting art by Tusif Tusif Ahmad is a man possessing a multitude of skills in various fields. He’s a papercutting artist, a jewelry designer, software developer and a palmist who has worked in many large companies and has many exhibitions throughout the world. His art is influenced by the traditional intricate patterns and symbols found in Islamic art. The art of papercutting involves the artist cutting a whole painting from a single piece of paper resulting in a painstakingly intricate and fragile piece of art. Tusif describes his process as taking a piece of paper, visualising a story and taking away the parts that aren't part of that story. His interest in art began in his teenage years, where he started creating pieces of art using pen and ink. He was mostly interested in creating landscapes and capturing and preserving the beauty of our world in his canvas. Throughout his journey around the world, he has experienced and worked with artists of different skills, mindsets, and point of views which has given him a very diverse viewpoint and opinions which he tries to depict in his artwork. His work represents peace, love, humanity and humility. Love is represented in many forms; whether it’s the love of a mother for her child, or the love between two members of opposing sex or the love of god for his creation, Love is a recurring theme. Throughout his journey, he has seen and experienced different religions and cultures and hopes to represent the common ground which is Love and Peace between those cultures in his artwork to unite humanity. His artwork, created using knives, is created very tastefully ensuring the highest quality and excellence of design. The process of papercutting is subtractive and he therefore has to think a few steps ahead. Even with planning, the work that is unveiled after cutting away the background is a delightful and awe-inspiring surprise. The patience required for this kind of artwork is phenomenal and is something not everyone has. The simplicity, flexibility and the strength of paper allows Tusif to transform the material into beautiful two and three dimensional art forms with a range of expression and that is when the craft of building and forming merges with the expression of ideas and beliefs. His artwork is beautiful and intricate and creates a sense of awe in the viewer.
Last update: 25.08.2017
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By Tusif Ahmad
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