Lotus LED Lamp
Decorative arts, Product design
Khaled Elnems
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Lotus LED Lamp (Sustainability Natural Environment) Abstract: A lamp with a shape similar to the well-known Lotus flower. The idea behind the lamp is that it can be used in different configurations depending on the preferences of the end users as it will be given the glowing light when the (Lotus flower open) and will be lowest lighting when (Lotus flower Close). The lamp can be placed on a floor by Flexible Stand look like (Stalk foliage), The Lotus flower allows the end users to be creative with the lamp by changing the direction it. Description: The lamp can be used in a lot of configurations which makes it easy to create a Sustainability family. So there is space to explore this further for future Natural environment development. The lamp give you feeling you are in Natural environment : • The Stand body is made out of Flexible plastic (moving the lamp around often) • And the top is made out of plastic glass with LED technology, but plastic (similar to the well-known Lotus flower) • The concept arises from the desire to create different light effects on the surfaces, simply by moving the lamp to different positions along with Open & Close the (Lotus flower) by (Remote or Body sensor or Mobile app). https://www.instructables.com/id/Lotus-LED-Lamp-Sustainability-Natural-Environment/
Designer: KhaledElnems Posted: 09 Aug 17 (11:34AM) Contest: Furnishing Creative Lighting (https://desall.com/) Phase: Product Design
Along with all this above option we add new idea to be Sustainability it is option for Preserve Electrical Energy via Bluetooth and automatically linked to any mobile via Bluetooth When far away from this device (Bluetooth range = 10 m), the (Lotus Lamp) automatically switch (off power) to provide Electricity (And No need every time when the same person enters this room to re-link with the device, it connects automatically because already linked before. Also be controlled by mobile (via Bluetooth) for this (Lotus Lamp) by (close and open it) or making timer for lighting Sustainability Challenge : The consumption of electric power by forgot the lighting switch on (Consume electricity without take advantage) and indirectly, we increase the proportion of carbon emitted into the air by (That the more we consume has increased our consumption of electricity we use more fuel in power plants and lead to increased carbon emissions from these stations) The lamp give you feeling you are in Natural environment as a Sustainability design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBeqR3j8YGk&feature=emb_logo https://www.instructables.com/id/Live-Innovation-Making-DIY-Electronic/
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